Simple wedding bouquets diy

Simple wedding bouquets diy

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Why do I need a simple wedding bouquets diy

What a wedding without flowers? One of the most important points in preparing for the celebration is the choice of the flower decoration of the wedding, the simple wedding bouquets diy, and the grooms boutonniere. Agree, to present a wedding without flowers, to put it mildly, is difficult. But how did the simple wedding bouquets diy become the invariable accessory of the bride and why is it needed?

Purpose of the simple wedding bouquets diy

So, the bridal bouquet, simple wedding bouquets diy, has its own history. In ancient Greece, for example, the head was decorated with saffron or ivy wreaths, symbolizing eternal love. In ancient Rome, there should have been garlic and rosemary in a wreath. The original purpose of the simple wedding bouquets diy on the bride and groom was not only to decorate the wedding but rather to protect the young from the evil eye. That is why each flower and twig gathered in a wreath according to certain rules because they had important meaning and symbolism.

Individuality and simple wedding bouquets diy

Great attention was paid to what kind of flowers would be in the simple wedding bouquets diy because there is a so-called language of flowers that could tell about a persons intentions, his character.
The rapid development of the wedding and fashion industry has led to the use of pearls, rhinestones, fabrics, ribbons and other decorations in the design of the simple wedding bouquets diy. And as a result, the bridal bouquet became one more way to show the individuality.